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    N O ! a r t
    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.





2013  HOLLOW PRESS FEAT | Nac/Hut Report - Ectoplasm (Remix)
           DIE ANTIZIPATION | with Mama Baer und Kommissar Hjuler, sound, Ep

2012  FIRE EATERS | sound, Lp

2011  CANDY GIRL | single + video
           FLASHSIT | collaboration with Black Roses, sound
           SOLO EXHIBITION | Le Streghe, Bologna
           WHITE & BLACK | groupshow, Associazione Culturale SerenArte, Bologna

2010  DEATH TO THE BRUTES | sound, Permanent Exhaustion, Ep
           9th OVERFLOWING... Milky Slaughterhouse... Dream of Incubator...", sound, Lp
           ANOTHER VIEW | groupshow, Associazione Culturale SerenArte, Bologna

2009  1000/DOUBLE/DIFFERENCE/ERROR | with Nac/Hut Report, sound, Ep
           RAUH/Nac/Hut Report | sound, split tape
           ARTEMISIA FOLIE | Symposium XXI, Milano
           D'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA "Val di Sambro" | Galleria Spazio Gianni Testoni Bologna

2008  SOLO EXHIBITION | Godot, Reggio Emilia
           CONTEMPORANEA | groupshow, La Pergola Arte, Firenze